Where is Elisabeth Fritzl Now? know what happened to the Girl in the Basement 

Where is Elisabeth Fritzl Now know what happened to the Girl in the Basement

Elisabeth Fritzl is a name that will forever be associated with one of the most horrific crimes in recent history. She was held captive in a dungeon for 24 years by her own father, Josef Fritzl, who repeatedly raped her and fathered seven children with her. The case shocked the world when it was revealed in 2008, and it still haunts many to this day. In this article, we will explore who Elisabeth Fritzl is, where she is now, and what happened to her.

Early Life of Elisabeth Fritzl

Elisabeth Fritzl was born on April 6, 1966, in Amstetten, Austria. She grew up in a large family with four brothers and two sisters. Her childhood was reportedly a happy one until she turned 11 years old when her father began sexually abusing her.

What Happened to Elisabeth Fritzl?

In 1984, when Elisabeth was 18 years old, her father, Josef Fritzl, lured her into the basement of their family home, where he had built a dungeon. He drugged and imprisoned her there. Where she would remain for the next 24 years.

During her captivity, Josef raped and abused Elisabeth, fathering seven children with her. Three of the children were born in the dungeon and never saw the light of day until their rescue in 2008. The other four children were taken upstairs and left on the doorstep of Josef’s home. Claiming that they had been abandoned by Elisabeth.

The case remained a secret until 2008, when one of the children, Kerstin, fell seriously ill and was taken to the hospital. Elisabeth convinced her captor father to take Kerstin to the hospital. It was then that the shocking truth was revealed.

Elisabeth was rescued, along with the three children who had never seen daylight. Josef was arrested and eventually sentenced to life in prison for his crimes.

Where is Elisabeth Fritzl Now?

After her rescue, Elisabeth was given a new identity and moved to an undisclosed location in Austria. Where she and her children received psychological and medical treatment.

Since then, Elisabeth has remained out of the public eye and has not given any interviews. It is believed that she and her children are living a quiet and private life. They are trying to rebuild their lives after the trauma they endured.


The story of Elisabeth Fritzl is a heartbreaking one, filled with unimaginable trauma and abuse. It is difficult to imagine the pain and suffering. She and her children endured during their 24 years in captivity. The case shocked the world and sparked a conversation about the importance of recognizing and reporting cases of abuse and violence.

While we may never know the full extent of the emotional and physical scars that Elisabeth and her children bear.  We can only hope that they have been able to find some peace and healing in the years since their rescue. The case of Elisabeth Fritzl is a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of hope in even the darkest of situations.


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